The Isokääntä farm is located near Kalajoki, and has been for the past half a millennium as it was established all the way back in the 16th century. The family consists of Aki Isokääntä, wife Leena and an adult child that has already moved away from home.
The Lady Claire potatoes that go to Real Snacks are grown on an 8 hectare (20 acres) area. In addition to potatoes, the farm also grows grain.

First things first!

Aki tells that potato farming has a lot to do with technique, but thinks the most complicated part is the potato which in itself is a very common looking tuber. When the potato is put into ground, it is starting point to a process that still isn’t fully understood.
After the tuber is planted, it starts to sprout under the soil surface and grows more tubers with the energy it receives from the sun. As plants go, potato is an interesting and effective one, as it can produce food to thousands of people in just a 1 hectare (2.47 acres) area. The Isokääntä motto in farming is; “First things first!” and Aki thinks a lot of farmers can get behind it.