The Pohjanpelto farm is an old and traditional farm that dates back to before the turn of the 18th century. The farm is currently run by Kauno and Päivi Erkkilä who have been working on the potato industry for more than 30 years.
In addition to potatoes they also grow hey, timothy grass seed, and grain. The Lady Rosetta variety that goes to Real Snacks is grown on a 6 hectare (15 acre) area. Altogether, potatoes are grown on a 60 hectare (148 acre) area.

Quality certified potato farming and moments of success on a traditional farm

The Pohjanpelto farm has been certified by the Kotimaiset Kasvikset Ry, most recently in 2014, and the audit is done every three years. This certification proves that the farming methods are up to the standards of Laatutarha comission.
The best part of the job for Kauno and Päivi are the moments of success.