The Alatalo farm is located in Tyrnävä and has been in the same family since 1725. The farm grows potatoes for the chips, seed potatoes, barley and oats.
The farm is a co-operated by the brothers Arto and Pertti Alatalo. Arto’s family consists of partner Riina and their daughter Inka. Pertti has a wife named Mari and two children; Satu and Lauri. Pertti’s family lives on the family estate.

Challenging work at nature’s mercy, the rewards of which can be reaped in the autumn harvest at the farm that dates back to 1725

The Alatalo farm produces the most potatoes for Real Snacks. The two varieties of potatoes; Lady Claire and Lady Britta, are grown on a 35 hectare (86,5 acre) area before making the trip to Pyhäntä, where they are made into potato chips.
Pertti says potato farming is a challenging trait, because you do everything at nature’s mercy, and can never be sure about the weather conditions. Every growing season is different, but the best part of the job is seeing the results every autumn. He also appreciates the freedom of the job.