Real Snacks™ is a truly Finnish potato chip factory, still owned by the founding family alongside former and current key figures within the company.
We focus on quality and product development in order to produce snacks that suit both the domestic and international taste. The company has a FSSC 22000 quality certificate.

The Real Snacks potato chip range, nowadays, is complemented with the Junior- corn snacks and Real Snack dressings so that everyone can find their favourite from our genuinely domestic brand. About 21% of the Real Snacks turnover goes to export to countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia and China.

The potatoes used in the production of our potato chips come from our contract farmers in the nearby areas. This allows us to present which farmers’ potatoes have been used in the production of each bag. Domestic potato production is in the heart of our business and we want to continue bringing consumer high quality local food in the form of snack – From farm to table!

Real Snacks Oy is the owner of the registered trademarks , MAISBOOGIES, CHIPVENTURES and OATIS. These trademarks are currently registered in Finland, the European Union and certain other countries.